måndag 21 juli 2014

CD säljes - punk, metal och annat... (Uppdaterad 19 oktober)

Mejla om du vill köpa, porto tillkommer.

Adamson, Barry Stranger on the sofa (digi) 20:-
Angels & Airwaves We dont need to whisper 10:-
Art by machinery Deus ex machina 20:-
Asian Dub Foundation A history of now 20:-
Blues Explosion Crypt-style (digi) 20:-
Burning Inside Apparition 30:-
Bustups, The They´re airborne 15:-
Buzzcrusher S/t 25:-
Chuck D Autobigraphy of mistachuck 20:-
Consolidated You suck 10:-
Consolidated Guerillas in the mist 10:-
Crimson Moonlight Veil of remembrance 25:-
Crucified Barbara Losing the game 10:-
Darkane Demonic art (promo) 15:-
Darkane Expanding sense (promo) 15:-
Darkane Insanity (promo) 15:-
Deathening Open up and swallow 20:-
December Wolves Completley dehumanized 30:-
Disrupt Unrest 50:-
Division Of Laura Lee Violence is timeless 25:-
Einstürzende Neubaten Perpetuum mobile (digi) 25:-
Evanescence Fallen 20:-
Fireside Left rustle (promo cds) 15:-
Fireside Let Rasputin do it 10:-
Fireside Uomini d'onore (inget omslag) 10:-
Germ Bomb Infected from birth 20:-

Girls, The Yes no yes no yes no 25:-
Godflesh Slavestate 40:-
Godflesh Streetcleaner 40:-
Gore Beyond Necrposy Noise-a-go-go!!! 40:-
Hagfish …rocks your lame ass 25:-
Harry, Debroah Collection 15:-
Hellnation Fucked up mess 50:-
Hellnation Control 50:-
Hellnation Your chaos days are numbered 50:-
Hellnation A sound like shit 50:-
Hellnation Thrash wave 50:-
Hellnation Dynamite up your asd 50:-
Inbred, The Legacy of fertility 20:-
Iron Lung Sexless//No sex 25:-
Jello Biafra, The No WTO Combo From the battle in Seattle 20:-
Killerchaps Killerchaps 20:-
Kindred Spiriits No room for laughter 20:-
Le Camembert Radioactif Fuck Chirac 10:-
Mars Volta De-loused in thge comatorium 25:-
Mars Volta Frances the mute 25:-
Mars Volta Amputechture 25:-
Metallica S/t 15:-
Misantropic Insomnia 25:-
Mohammed Blackbomber 20:-
Nasum Shift 40:-
Not Enough Hate Knocked into tomorrow (digi) 25:-
Oragnic Square Square 15:-
Oxiplegatz Worlds and worlds 250:-

Pearl Jam S/t (digi) 25:-
Pitchshifter Infotaiment? 20:-

Poverty tinks Getting deeper 15:-
Pretty Whores Teens of USA 15:-
Quit your dayjob S/t (digi) 15:-
Rammstein Reise reise 40:-
Raw Power Live danger 30:-
Regina Lund Förlåt! Nej, jag menar aj. 25:-
Relevant Few The art of today 30:-
Relevant Few Who are those of leadership? 30:-
Retaliation The Execution 30:-
Retaliation The cost of redemption 30:-
Roches, The Can we go home now 10:-
Seitan D beat hippie lovers 25:-
Severed head of state Power hazard ep 25:-
Signal Lostr Prosthectic screams 25:-
Silentivm Seducia 25:-
Splitside This shinking ship 15:-
Subsonics Die Bobby Die 10:-
Suicide Blitz Ride the steel 25:-
Sunpower Bondage 10:-
System of a down Mezmerize (digi) 30:-
Talk is poison S/t 30:-
Therion Secret of the ruins (digi) 40:-
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak 20:-
Tinner Harder faster 25:-
Torture Division Through the eyes of a dead 10:-
Traktor Sequence the sequence 10:-
VA Cash Covered Hyllning till Johnny Cash 20:-

VA Earplugged Entombed, Carcass, Brital Truth m fl 20:-
VA Kindred spirits A tribute to Johnny Cash 20:-
VA No Fate  2xCD. 57 band punk/hardcoreband från hela världen. Omslag i singelformat 70:-

VA Virtual Energy Vol 2 Pouppée Fabrikk, Cultivated Bimbo m fl 20:-
Vader Revelations 40:-
Vader Impressions in blood (promo) 20:-
Vanity Dies Hard When torching the day (digi) 20:-
Velvet Revolver Contraband 25:-
Viva Hate S/t 20:-
Vomitory Revelation nausea 30:-
Vulture Culture Artificial 10:-
Wilmer X 13 våningar upp 30:-
Wonderprick Fartgun 10:-

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